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Why not check out our exciting virtual Kiwanis workshops.

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Register for our Kiwanis Kickstart Convention here. You'll be glad that you did.


Kiwanis Internet Convention Kickstart

When we say that we want to, “KICK it up a notch,” we’re talk­ing about our upcom­ing Kiwa­nis Inter­net Con­ven­tion Kick­start. These last two Kiwa­nis years have been try­ing for every­one. Social dis­tanc­ing, masks, slow downs and shut downs have affect­ed all of us. Still, the young peo­ple of our com­mu­ni­ties need us, and in many cas­es that need is greater than ever.

Kiwa­ni­ans the world over have been step­ping up to the plate and find­ing new ways to do what we do best: Serve the Chil­dren of the World. That’s why we will be hold­ing an on-line, vir­tu­al, Inter­net con­ven­tion. Like always we want to share best prac­tices, learn new skills, hear from our Dis­trict lead­er­ship and vote for the next gen­er­a­tion of that leadership.

We know that a real strength of our dis­trict con­ven­tions is hav­ing an oppor­tu­ni­ty to renew old friend­ships and make new ones. We know, too, that this will be cur­tailed due to the vir­tu­al nature of our con­ven­tion. That said, Kiwa­ni­ans have always been “half-full” vol­un­teers. We excel at mak­ing lemon­ade out of lemons. Every Kiwan­ian in our Dis­trict will be able to take part in this year’s con­ven­tion. Every club in our Dis­trict will be able to choose del­e­gates to vote for the can­di­dates of their choice in our House of Del­e­gates. It has nev­er been this easy to get involved and make a real difference.

Check out our work­shops, can­di­date bios and sched­ule of events. Sign up today for what we know will be a con­ven­tion we will not soon forget.

Togeth­er we will improve the world one child and one com­mu­ni­ty at a time.

Let's KICK it up a Notch!

Join me, Governor Dr. Delores Lewis, as we embark on the second half of our Kiwanis year. Let's all pull together, increase our efforts and KICK it up a notch.

Our Kiwanis Internet Convention Kickstart is going to be a huge success. Not only will we be electing our next District Vice-Governor, we'll be electing our next Kiwanis International Trustee. Join me as we take part in a convention to remember.

Have We Got Workshops for YOU!

Last year saw the cancellation of our face-to-face convention and with it, the cancellation of our workshops. We know that Kiwanians have consistently said how much they look forward to attending workshops and forums; how much they like to further develop their Kiwanis skills.

This year we are pleased to offer a number of workshops in both French and in English. Please check them out and register early. Space is limited and we don't want to leave anyone out in the cold (especially now that winter has gripped us in Canada). I'm Vice Governor, Jim Scott and I look forward to seeing all of you at our virtual, Kiwanis Kickstart Convention.

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Welcome to our Virtual Convention

Hi. I'm Edwin Thompson, District Convention Committee Chair, and I'd like to personally thank you for stopping by and checking out our convention website.

All of us were looking forward to getting together for a face-to-face convention, but the Coronavirus put an end to that for this year. We are excited at the prospects of including all of the clubs in our vast District. Large and small will all have the opportunity to participate, share the fellowship and elect our Kiwanis leaders. Welcome to our Kickstart convention.

Registration is now open!

Register for our Kiwanis Kickstart Convention today!

To be your­self in a world that is con­stant­ly try­ing to make you some­thing else is the great­est accomplishment.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve learned that peo­ple will for­get what you said, peo­ple will for­get what you did, but peo­ple will nev­er for­get how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

A friend is some­one who knows all about you and still loves you.

Elbert Hubbard

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

Mae West

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